' People buy from you when they

know you, like you, or trust you '

'This is extremely hard to make happen when

they have never met you'

The greatest


will come from the

ratings and reviews

the your best customers leave

90% of customers make decisions based on on-line reviews and comments of products and services.

Reviews are the

'New Word Of Mouth'

If you want to increase your business and

increase your trust factor,

then let prospects get to know you by

what your customers are saying.

You will find a direct connect from online

reviews to your lead generation and

marketing efforts


Our Program will allow customers to

leave reviews and comments with

a click of the button from their email

or cell phone.This $79 a month service

is low-cost and will automate your

customer review management

G-connect 5-Star reviews:

  • Allows you to have recent reviews.Old reviews don't carry the impact as recent 5-star reviews.
  • Genuine folks can have the opportunity to share the great experiences they had with your business
  • Reviews are one of the quickest and least expensive ways to gain new customers
  • They can also dramatically increase customer retention
  • Maintaining your volume of recent reviews will keep you ahead of the competition.
  • We post your comments and reviews online quickly where it can make an impact.
  • Online reviews can improve page ranking with search engines.
  • Reviews can be posted online,local directories,and social media.

Protect and Enhance Your Brand

  • You choose the customers after completion of your services
  • Ask if they would take 60 seconds today and leave a review of their experience
  • Send the link to them via email or cell phone or have a tablet right there with the link.
  • Once they open the link,they can give you a star rating and a short comment
  • The review can then be posted in the area selected

Your online perception is one of the most valuable asset you can cultivate.

Call now! Start getting reviews as early as tomorrow.

$79 set up and $79 a month

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